Ripple Wheel 350mm

Ripple Wheel 350mm

$300.00 AUD - $360.00 AUDSold out

New pink, blue and clear translucent Ripple steering wheels

Defected option:
We have a bunch of imperfect wheels that include one or more of the following big/ small mirco scratches from factory, air bubbles or marks inside of the acrylic. The wheels that bypass our standards have been listed as defected. Please message us on instagram for any questions and a video going over your wheel before purchase :)

- 350mm
- Joybreak Logo, etched
- Reinforced mirror chrome spoke
- Ripple chrome base with polycarbonate rim

Included in box:
- 6 bolts / allen key
- Jbreak racing horn button (yellow/black)
- Horn button chrome cover
- Ripple steering wheel

PSA: Protect from high heat/ direct sun light for long periods of time to avoid steering wheel developing stress cracks and fading. (We recommend using a quick release)

- Limited supply
- Colours may vary slightly from photos

Ripple Wheel 350mm Image 2 Ripple Wheel 350mm Image 3 Ripple Wheel 350mm Image 4 Ripple Wheel 350mm Image 5
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